Spiritual Life at the U

During your time at the U, take care. You may encounter:

Significant Questions about Religious or Spiritual Identity

  • It is ‘developmentally normal’ to ask big questions about the tradition that you were raised in, to explore other traditions, and to seek out resources that will help you do this.  
  • These questions may be brought about by:
    • Distance from your family, or religious tradition
    • Meeting people from a religious background different than your own
    • Significant loss
    • Questions of meaning and purpose 
  • Religious Diversity
    • Whether raised inside or outside a religious tradition, you will meet people who believe different things than you do
    • You will also meet people inside your religious tradition that disagree about fundamental principles of the religion

Loneliness or Isolation

  • You are homesick for familiar friends and places.
  • Your roommate is always out with other friends.
  • You miss a significant other who is at another school or elsewhere.


  • You just had a fight with your family.
  • You are grieving over a person or a relationship.

A Tough Time Socially

  • Everyone has a date except you.
  • You haven’t been recruited by anyone for anything.
  • It’s the same dull routine of classes, homework, eating, and sleeping.

Trouble Academically

  • You are struggling with one or more courses.
  • You are embarrassed because you have never had C’s or D’s until now.
  • You are confused about your major or career choice.


These feelings are all part of life at the U. They can be confronted and put into proper focus. If left unattended, however, you become vulnerable.

Members of the Interfaith Campus Coalition are here to help you. Do not hesitate to contact anyone listed on “Our Members” page.